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This section contains an e-learning module focused on blood pressure regulation and fainting. The module is still under construction, blue tutorials are uploaded, red tutorials are not finished and will be uploaded in the future. Not all tutorials have voice-over yet.

Tutorial outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Short term blood pressure regulation
  3. Reflex syncope
  4. Orthostatic hypotension
  5. Cardiac syncope
  6. Straining
  7. Afferent baroreflex lesions
  8. Presyncopal Symptoms & Signs
  9. Signs during Syncope
  10. Postsyncopal Symptoms & Signs
  11. Initial evaluation: history and physical exam
  12. Autonomic function testing
  13. Cases I
  14. Cases II
  15. Cases III
  16. Cases IV
  17. Psychogenic pseudosyncope
  18. Therapy: lifestyle and physical counterpressure-manoeuvres
  19. Drugs and pacing