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The Syncopedia Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded in 2014 and based in The Netherlands.

The goals of the foundation are:

  • to improve medical knowledge especially in the field of syncope and to provide access to this knowledge by facilitating publications in digital or other from, amongst other means by building and maintaining the Syncopedia website.
  • to obtain funding for the education of physicians in all aspects of syncope

The syncopedia website is targeted at students, residents, nurse specialists and physicians that want to learn more about syncope. The educational material consists of Tutorials, Cases and the Syncope Textbook


The Syncopedia Foundation www.syncopedia.org

ABNA Bank account IBAN: NL25 ABNA 0546 5591 23 Registered with the Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam; KVK: 34210103

The Dutch administration has designed the Syncopedia Foundation as an Insititution for General Benefit (ANBI, Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling ANBI-RSIN:8137 95 485). Gifts to the Syncopedia Foundation can be tax deducted in The Netherlands. This not only applies to the deduction of donations for the income tax but also to the company tax and inheritance tax.  

Financial reports

Accounts 01-01-2016: 8672

Revenues Expenses
Benefactors €45110 Banking €224
Overheads €5425
Internship costs €26174
Depreciation equipment €1292
Total €45110 €33115

Accounts 31-12-2016: 20972

Balance sheet 2016
Assets Debts
Accounts €20257 Capital €24840
Equiment €5083 Accounts payable €500
Total €25340 €25340