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In this section you will find a collection of videoclips that demonstrate presentations of transient loss of consciousness. Almost all of the videoclips come from the internet/ You tube The introductory slide of each videoclip mentiones the aspects that are of interest. If you want more educational information you are directed to the section Tutorials.

Fainting compilations

Compilation 1

Compilation 2

Compilation 3
Compilation 4

Compilation 5

President Bush fainting

Compilation 2

Fainting during blood donation

These 2 videoclips show 2 examples of vasovagal faints during blood donation

Fainting during blood donation

Fainting during blood donation

Myoclonic jerks induced by the fainting lark

This video contains the full set of the studies performed by Lempert

Fainting lark by Lempert et al.

Epileptic seizures

This entry connects you to a website with examples of the presentation of epileptic seizures